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When it comes to marketing their businesses, dentists are faced with the same challenges that all other business owners are. And that includes how to be heard in a sea of voices, without enough marketing budget or even the skills necessary to market their practice well.

It can be challenging for a dentist’s business to get off the ground if no one knows about their practice. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. By ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), dentists can attract more patients to their practice.

In this case study (SEO for Dentists), we’ll delve deep into the success story of a dental clinic that has been working in the field of dentistry for the last ten years. They’re noted for their high-end dental care, cutting-edge technology, and consistently meeting international standards for practicing medicine.

Here’s how search engine optimization worked for them and how it can work for your business too.

SEO for Dentists

The Starting Point

Prior Negative Agency Experiences; No Goals Achieved

The clinic in question had worked with another agency offering SEO services in the past, but none of their digital marketing efforts yielded any tangible results. The campaign’s main goals were to create awareness, attract new patients, and improve marketing efforts.

This time around, the team knew they needed to choose wisely. They were ready to leave no stone unturned and wanted an agency that would listen carefully to them and understand exactly what they needed help with.

That’s when they reached out to us to help them achieve the visibility they desired and bring in new patients. And that’s how it all started in June 2021.

The Challenges

Standing Out in a Competitive Field; Providing a Unique Experience

As is the case with most other businesses, dentists are faced with stiff competition. This is especially true in larger metropolitan areas, where there are much more clinics and dentists to choose from. This means that any dentist looking to grow their business needs to put in extra effort to make sure they’re seen.

This can be a daunting challenge for a dentist who has limited means to market their practice. It can be hard to get noticed when you’re fighting tooth and nail with every other dental clinic for potential patients’ attention!

It also didn’t help that the client had a prior bad experience with another SEO agency. The result of their earlier campaign had been that their website ranks in search results were low, and they were worse off than their rivals. As a result, they obtained less-than-stellar outcomes, of course.

We knew that we needed to focus on two key areas to overcome these challenges. One was providing a better experience for our dental client firm than any other digital agency had. Two was providing them with a tailored SEO strategy that’s strategically mapped out to ensure results.

The Solution

An All-New Results-Driven, Customized SEO Strategy

When it came to working on an SEO strategy for this particular dental clinic, we started by taking the time to get to know them better. For instance, we conducted in-depth research about their dentistry services and previous marketing efforts. We also analyzed their competitors and studied what they were doing to rank higher in SERPs.
After carefully studying the situation, we put together a well-rounded, customized SEO strategy. Its aim was to address the client’s specific needs and help the website rank higher than its competitors. Then, we got to business.

Website Enhancements: Boosting the Website’s Usability

For starters, we began with the website, which required some enhancement, specifically in terms of its usability and web design/layout. The website was disorganized, cluttered, and difficult to navigate. This made it difficult for potential patients to find the information they were looking for.

We took care of this by conducting rounds of usability testing and making changes to the website’s layout, design, and structure.

We also changed the website hosting service for better optimization and performance. The new one had significantly better specifications and offered a more robust service, allowing us to better tailor the website’s performance and optimize it for user experience.

That way, when people came across the website, they’d be more likely to stay on it rather than click away immediately because of poor user experience.

A Powerful SEO Strategy That Generates Results – SEO for Dentists

Once the website was in better shape, we turned our focus to the clinic’s SEO. We knew that to help the website rank higher in search results, it had to be a comprehensive strategy. And so, we created a solid roadmap consisting of a few different elements, and here are their details.

Technical SEO

One of the most important aspects of any SEO strategy is technical SEO. This includes optimizing the website’s infrastructure for better performance, improving the website’s crawling chances, and fixing any errors causing the website to rank lower on results pages.

With that being the case, we performed a full technical analysis of the website. Then, we pinpointed any errors hindering its ability to rank and fixed them accordingly.

By implementing a series of fixes, we made the website’s technical foundation stronger, improved its overall performance, and made it easy for search engines to crawl and index.

Keyword Research

In order to rank higher for terms relevant to the website, we had to do keyword research. The process of keyword research involves studying the people who are searching for this kind of business and analyzing the keywords they use in their search queries.

After doing extensive research on how people search for dental clinics (and dentists in particular), we came up with a list of terms that best reflected what our client was offering. We also used competitor analysis to determine which keywords they were targeting and how they were ranking for them.

Once that was done, we used this information to help us determine which keywords we should go after. Accordingly, we went ahead and created a list of target keywords for the clinic and put together a keyword strategy to rank higher for the chosen keywords.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is another crucial component of any SEO plan. This involves analyzing the competition to see what they’re doing and then figuring out how to do it better.

For our client, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the clinic’s competitors, focusing on their websites’ content and SEO strategies. We also analyzed their online presence for visibility and how they convert that into leads and sales.

From there, we identified key opportunities for improvement and created an actionable strategy that would allow the clinic to win more business and rank higher in SERPs. Specifically, we targeted high-volume keywords that allowed it to rank among the top results for more search terms.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization includes optimizing all the elements of a web page for better visibility and higher rankings. This entails optimizing all page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, images, and content.

We optimized these elements to be in line with Google’s best practices and helped the website rank higher for its target keywords. Speaking of keywords, we made sure that they were used in the right places (including them in relevant contextual phrases) and with the right frequency and keyword density to give the website a higher chance of ranking.

We also verified that the content was high quality and relevant to what users might be looking for. This helped improve the website’s ranking and visibility, making it visible to more users and increasing the chance of converting them into prospective patients.

Content Marketing/Blog Posts

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to improve the website’s visibility and rankings. This involves creating and publishing high-quality content relevant to the target audience.

We believe that blogging is essential for dental services. Why? Because it allows them to showcase their industry authority by publishing thought leadership posts, educating readers about relevant advancements in dentistry. That builds an online presence that can attract prospective dental patients.

We consulted the client on a series of posts regarding dentistry, making sure they incorporate relevant keywords based on our keyword research and link back to the clinic’s website. It was also important that the target market would find these topics relevant.

This content marketing strategy helped the website rank higher in SERPs and helped attract more visitors to its website, increasing leads and converting them into clients as a result. Furthermore, it helped establish the clinic as a trusted authority in its line of work, resulting in more patients knowing about it, and ultimately, more business.

Off-Page Optimization/ Link Building

Off-page optimization is a series of outreach and link-building strategies designed to make a website more visible. It’s no secret that achieving higher rankings on SERPs requires having a solid link profile. By improving the number and quality of backlinks pointing to a website, that increases its chance of ranking higher in SERPs.

We conducted an extensive link-building campaign that involved reaching out to relevant websites in the dental industry to share the clinic’s blog posts. Forums were also contacted, and the blog posts were added to relevant threads, helping to increase their visibility and reach.

We also made sure that the content was socially shared on major social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Facebook, and had many backlinks from other authority sites. This helped raise the domain’s authority as well as the page’s individual ranking power.

Google Business Profile and other local business directories were finally utilized to list the clinic and help it rank higher for relevant search terms as well.

This comprehensive off-page optimization strategy helped the clinic rank higher for its target keywords (leading to more organic traffic), attract more patients, and establish itself as an authority in the dental industry. It also helped increase brand awareness and trustworthiness, leading to an increase of leads and conversions.

Monthly Reports With KPIs

We believe that it’s important for our clients to be able to track their website’s progress on a monthly basis. Towards this end, we provide them with detailed monthly reports that include all the necessary KPIs – from website visits and leads generated to organic search traffic and conversions.

For instance, the Google Analytics report outlines the website’s traffic sources, allowing us to make an informed decision about how to allocate more resources towards that campaign. We also use Google Search Console to help improve our clients’ websites’ rankings by identifying any technical errors on their website that might be preventing it from ranking higher.

And on the SEO front, of course, there’s Semrush, which enables us to see what keywords the client’s website is ranking for, and how it’s performing against competitors.

All in all, our monthly reporting allows us and our clients to see how their website is performing, so we can make necessary changes to help improve their overall results. With a clear understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, we can effectively allocate more resources towards the campaigns that are generating tangible results.

The Results 6 Months Later

Higher Visibility and a Stronger Brand

The results of our SEO campaign were clear after just 6 months, as the website had seen significant improvements in all the main metrics used to measure its progress. Here’s a snapshot of that progress.


With traffic being one of the campaign’s main goals, it was great to see that it increased by a significant amount. In particular, the number of impressions and clicks had increased by more than 900% and 890%, indicating that more people were finding the website relevant and clicking through to it. The CTR was 3.9%!


What’s more, the website’s organic search traffic was the driver of this growth, accounting for more than 26.79% of all traffic. This was a direct result of our successful content marketing strategies and off-page optimization campaigns!

Top Traffic Channels

Visibility Score and Target Keywords Rankings

VisibilityWhat was also impressive was that our client had seen significant improvements in their ranking positions for the main targeted keywords. These are the same keywords that we had identified at the start of the campaign and were working towards ranking for. Our client’s position at the time was almost non-existent.

Now, 6 months later, the dental practice has outperformed its main competitors. Not just that, but it also secured first positions on the SERPs for the key terms! In fact, today, the website enjoys 622 organic keywords ranking in the first 100 pages of the SERPs, and not all of them were among our targeted ones!

This was a clear indication that the website’s online presence and visibility had improved significantly, helping it attract more potential patients. Plus, with so many keywords ranking high on SERPs, the clinic was now better positioned to attract leads from organic search.

Backlinks Portfolio

BacklinksOne of the main ranking factors that we always focus on with our clients is building a strong backlinks portfolio. And we’re happy to say that our efforts have paid off! The website now enjoys a healthy backlinks portfolio with over 2,100 links and 132 referring domains!

The website’s backlinks come from a diverse range of high-quality websites, adding to its overall authority. This is certainly something that Google likes to see and is factored as a crucial aspect of its ranking algorithm.

Website Authority Score

Authority ScoreA website’s authority score is essentially the overall strength of the website. This is determined by several factors, like the quality and quantity of backlinks, the website’s age and size, and its optimization.

Our client has seen significant improvements in its website authority score. It currently sits at 21 – which is quite impressive considering where they started from (which was 5).

This means that the website is now considered an authority site with a lot of weight and clout behind it. That ultimately gives it an edge over its competitors when it comes to ranking in search engines.

International Dental Tourism SEO

International Dental Tourism SEO

Last but not least, the website’s international SEO performance is also worth mentioning. After 6 months, the website saw an increase in organic traffic from locations such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, United States, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Germany, Palestine, and more.

While this wasn’t one of our client’s main goals for this project, it was a welcomed bonus. This shows that our work was highly targeted and efficient and how SEO for dentists actually works.

SEO Paid Off Big Time for Our Client: Why SEO Is Important for Dentists

Dentists are always competing with other local businesses for attention, and because of this, they need to invest in SEO. That’s because a whopping 80% of people use search engines to find local businesses. And since almost everyone Googles “dentist + city name”, “dentist + ZIP code”, or other local searches to find the right dentist, all dental clinics need to have a strong online presence.

With the above case study (SEO for Dentists), we hope that you now have a better understanding of how local SEO can work for a dental clinic’s benefit. Simply, SEO is one of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies, and it’s definitely something that dental practices shouldn’t skip. It’s not just about getting ahead of competitors – but also attracting more visitors to a website and growing a business.

SEO doesn’t only help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) by using the right tactics. It also helps you attract more patients who are looking for a dentist in their area and even beyond.

Today, thanks to our customized SEO strategies and website enhancement efforts, not only is the dental clinic happy, but their new website has allowed them to generate more traffic! Plus, that traffic now includes long-term loyal patients who are actively seeking their professional services. While we’re at it, here’s what the client had to say about their experience with us:


Client Satisfaction

“Three months after Dot IT has worked on the project, the client’s website has been on the first page. The team seamlessly communicates through email, WhatsApp, and phone calls. Their professionalism and timeliness are impressive.” Read the full review here.

This particular campaign is a great example of what can be accomplished with the right amount of effort and investment. We have seen great success with our SEO for Dentists strategy, and we believe that you can achieve similar results by working with the right team of SEO consultants.

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