Why Branding Matters

Stand Out from the Crowd!

Branding is the gateway to success. Businesses that understand the strategic importance of branding, and build a foundation with thoughtful strategy get profitable long-term bonds with customers and gain a competitive edge.

Dot IT, as a digital marketing and branding agency, offers professional services such as corporate identity designs and full graphic design services to assist businesses in establishing their brand positioning in their target industry through our branding experts.

We provide a wide range of branding services from research and strategy, logo design, advertisements, brochures, presentation folders, trade show booth displays, character design, corporate packages, full branding guidelines to get a great visual identity and develop social media & digital marketing strategy that aligns with the company’s brand identity through our talented team and branding experiences.

It is essential to have a brand design with a consistent look and feel across all customer touchpoints to ensure effective marketing that drives results. We are here to help you achieve that.

  • ­Modern and creative logo for your business
  • ­­Branding that empowers you to stand out from the crowd
  • ­A strategic approach towards brand redesigning

Our Branding Services Include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead and envelope designs
  • Sales and presentation folders
  • Powerpoint templates
  • Social media designs


Market Research

Market research process is the backbone of branding for businesses and can help you find out precisely the type of people more interested in your brand. Those are the people that you need to target, both to reinforce existing loyalties and grow new customers. Perhaps the research will reveal that a previously ignored demographic is your most loyal customer. We can use this additional information as part of your brand strategy. Once our research is complete it’s time to take action.

Brand Strategy

Our strategic approach ensures your identity, sets your brand apart from that of your competitors, and will add value to your company’s products and services by creating a unique distinctiveness within the market, also achieving a series of long-term goals. Ultimately, we discover the unique benefit you bring to your customers from the market research information to design and develop a brand that is truly representative of your company and its products and services.

Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity is the basis to communicate your brand, regardless of whether you are starting a new business or running a successful one. It is, therefore, imperative that it represents the quality of your company, its goals, and what it stands for. Our graphic design team brings the highest levels of experience to assist from concept to implementation. Being a full-service design agency allows us to ensure that our high standards are consistent on every step.

Branding Process

Our comprehensive branding strategy ensures a perfectly crafted brand for your business.


Research is an essential step in the brand identity design process. We must have a roadmap to design the overall look and feel of your brand, and logo. Research helps us immerse into the future of your business and its brand and understand the features, which may influence its success. We will ask you questions about your history, audience, and future goals. for discovering your competitors and performing a full SWOT analysis of your business. design process


We are going to work up 2-4 logo concepts that make sense and perfectly match the direction we have established in the discovery phase of the identity design process. You will be able to review the selected concepts and give feedback that we’ll incorporate in the next step. We present concepts as separate elements (logo design, fonts, color scheme, etc.). Based on the client’s feedback, we refine the chosen idea until the final approval is received. Branding


When the logo is ready, and the client chooses the color palette, it’s time to unite them into a harmonic corporate style and show the world your excellent brand identity. We can build and present your brand through different elements like:
  • Business cards & letterheads
  • Envelopes & folders
  • considering your brand elements on social media
logo design


We finished the artwork. The visual material is complete. The last task for us is to make sure that our client will use all the assets properly.  Brand guidelines provide instructions about right and wrong ways to use the graphics created for the brand. Traditionally, the process involves explaining the idea of standing behind the logo and presenting a range of corporate colors to be used for different purposes. It can be useful to demonstrate examples of incorrect usage to avoid poor visual performance. brand guidlines


Now that your corporate identity is ready to show the world how wonderful you are, we will apply our experience to all points of your visual communication. starting with your brochure, advertisement, website, and across all your media. We will create the material of your brand in harmony with your core values and project your voice in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Brand Strategy

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