What Really Goes into Website Design That Works

Website Design

In contemporary times, a website is one of the essential elements in a business’s arsenal. It helps you thrive in every industry, which is up to the brink with the competition. But having a website isn’t enough until it’s something that seems appealing to your visitors. Without an appealing website, your visitors won’t be coming back. Therefore, follow this guide to differentiate your website as a good one.

1.  Visual Design

Visual design is the essential thing about an appealing website. People appreciate any website with good graphics. Focus on the visual design of your website to captivate people within the first few milliseconds. Adding images, particularly the ones with people’s faces, can increase the appeal of your website. However, as a professional designer, your company should remember to use high-resolution pictures.

The font on your website should be legible, and people should not have to use a magnifying glass to read them. However, refrain from going overboard with the website design. Do not use them at frequent intervals if you plan to add animation, scrolling texts, and flash intros.

2.  Branding

Your business website can help you establish a unique brand identity. You should design a unique website to reflect the values and messages of your brand. Whether it’s the color or font on your website, everything should uphold your brand image to create a web presence online.

You should also work on designing a perfect logo to add to your website. The logo will add a sense of credibility and make your website more reliable for visitors. Ask your graphic designers to work on making your website a true reflection of your business. It will make your business more memorable for visitors.

3.  Content

No matter how your website is beautifully designed, visitors won’t be satisfied with irrelevant content. The content on your website should add some value to the life of the visitors, whether it’s blogs or videos. Content also helps with ranking your website at the top of search results.

Conduct keyword research to optimize your website and increase its visibility on search engines. Understand what type of content your target audience expects from you and focus on curating them. While it is essential to follow trends to stay in the game, give your audience a chance to believe that you are unique.

4.  Navigation

While building your website/online store, it’s necessary to keep an eye on navigability. Your visitors should have ease of accessibility and move from one section of your website to another without hassle. Adding a sitemap to your website is a great idea to make it more easily navigable.

An intuitive website design is mandatory for improved navigability. If a person is searching for one of your products or services, your website should have a specific landing page. If visitors have to scout through a sea of information to find what they want, they won’t prefer coming back the next time.

5.  Mobile-Friendliness

Several users are accessing the internet through their smartphones or tablets. You should concentrate on building a website that can adjust according to different screen dimensions and enhance user experience. Therefore, choosing a responsive layout is crucial for a good website design. Besides, your web page design should also be accessible on different browsers.

6.  Load Time

Internet users are pretty impatient and always on the lookout for speed. They expect to view the information on your website right after they click on it in the search results. The load time of your website should be less than two seconds as visitors leave sites that don’t fully load within three seconds. Optimizing image size on your website can help in reducing the loading time.

7.  Security

Have you noticed the green lock in the address bar after visiting a website? Any site with that little green lock has SSL encryption. It ensures that the website is safe and protected from cyber attackers. Always migrate to SSL while building your website.

SSL encryption enables your website to secure higher rankings on search engine results. But more than that, it provides your visitors with a sense of trust. Especially if you are an eCommerce website, having SSL encryption will make customers less suspicious of making online payments.

8.  Conversion

Your web development should be engaging, and each page should be able to hold visitors’ attention. Your website should urge the visitors to purchase from your website, contact you, share on social media or perform anything as per the CTAs. This design process of making visitors interact with you is known as a conversion, and it should be the ultimate goal of every website.

Focus on adding relevant tools to your website that can fuel an even higher conversion rate. For instance, add a live chat support feature on your website to make your visitors reach you easily.

Final Thoughts

The difference between a good and bad website design can be pretty impactful for your business. Focus on building a website that can help in increasing your sales and revenue.