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Get free website SEO audit report. Find the errors in your website.

Once you fill the form with your website URL, we will generate the report and send it to your email. You’ll see an estimate of your website’s on-page health, pointing out all the issues you should know. You can jump into reports analyzing your site’s robots.txt, crawlability, HTTPS implementation, international SEO, performance (page load speeds), and internal linking.


The SEO audit report covers:

Site Health Score

Site Health Score (a percentage between 0% and 100%) considers the number of errors, warnings and notices found during the crawl in relation to the number of performed checks.

A higher Site Health Score is a good thing, resembling a lower density of problems on your website. Errors will have a higher impact on your Site Health Score than warnings, but we should address both to improve your site’s health.

  • Errors will be shown in red and are the most severe issues on your site.
  • Warnings will be shown in orange and represent issues of medium severity.
  • Notices are in blue and are considered less severe than errors or warnings. Notices contain information that some people might consider useful for fixing a site, but they don’t affect your overall site health score.

Top Issues

Below the errors, warnings, and notices you will see the Top issues from your audit. We show these issues based on their priority level and the number of pages with said issue.