8 Marketing Strategies To Improve Online Presence

Marketing Strategies

According to a study conducted by Statista (2022), almost 5.03 billion people are active internet users. This figure amounts to fifty-nine percent of the worldwide population. In Oberlo (2021), 2.14 billion people lean on the internet in purchasing goods and services globally. About half of the consumers do their shopping more on the digital marketplace than in-store. Fifty-three percent of shoppers use a search engine like Google for research purposes before buying (ThinkWithGoogle, 2022). With these, it is undeniable that the internet provides a better platform for businesses and consumers alike to cross paths and do a trade. As such, international and local businesses have to create a strong online presence which can help in building brand awareness and gaining credibility. Marketing strategies are getting more and more crucial for businesses. The competition in the e-commerce industry is stiff so it is not enough that your company only delivers high-quality products, they need to be liked, reacted to, and shared on the digital space. 

Here are a few ways to improve your business’s online presence: 

1- Have a great website.

One way to gain professional attention and institutional credibility is to create a website. In Verisign (2020), 84% of consumers from the U.S. believe that businesses with a website are more credible than the ones who only have a social media page. To attract an online audience, your products and services should have a website that can serve as their home. It can also act as your virtual office where your clients can either inquire or complain. In this way, you can contain the situation, address them in your way, and that your customers do not post about it elsewhere.


2- Be open to the concept of SEO.

You can gain traction with the help of search engine optimization. Not only will this generate good traffic it will also bring you more qualified leads and even improve your sales. SEO is guided by research and data to ensure that goals and objectives are met based on informed decisions. This is a dependable approach for when you decide to make significant changes in your Google search rankings, organic traffic, content marketing, and content for blog posts.


3- Make e-newsletters.

With the help of readily available addresses of prospective, current, and past customers, you can send highly personalized content that can resonate with them. It can become one of your most impactful online marketing strategies. Through e-newsletters, you can encourage a response to a call to action or CTA. With the content that they need, images that are appealing and highly informative message, you can drive engagement and turn inquiries to sales. Consider adding this to your email marketing plan or approach.


4- Establish a social media account.

Per month, there are 2.96 billion active Facebook users based on Statista (2022). As such, marketing channels and social networking sites opened up opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to advertise their products, (Facebook, 2020). Customer engagement is easy on social media. It is where almost everyone is during their free time. Interacting with your target audience and potential customers can help increase your online presence, brand awareness, and customer repertoire.


5- Always be online.

You have to be online to respond. It pays off when you do. When customers would like to ask about something and they reach any of your platforms, that only means their schedule allows them for such activity. You need to respond to them within that time frame. Interest and purchasing decisions can be affected by how long it takes to make a reply or entertain them. In keeping customers engaged on social media, you must acknowledge and respond to every comment, and message customers have for you. Interaction, logically, is a two-way process. You want your customers to feel they are attended to and listened to.


6- Be active on online networks and forums.

Your online presence can also grow through word of mouth and there is no better place where this can be done than in online forums. Businesses participate in forums to promote their products, create a network and make connections. Here, they can talk about your company or product’s strengths, suggestions for improvement, and what people like about it.


7- Try out influencer marketing.

In Statista (2019), 3.7 million brand-sponsored influencers posts flocked to various social media platforms simply because influencer marketing works. Such a strategy unites both word-of-mouth referrals and social proof for a company or its products to be widely known and followed. Customers trusts influencers like their own friends. They adore and buy the same products and services they use. 


8- Participate in events.

Be present in physical or virtual events. Such events also highlight their participants. Take advantage of some limelight and attention when you grace an invitation. Remember to project an attitude as you would your brand. In these events, you can build an online presence by having guests and others follow you on your socials. In this way, you can also increase brand awareness. generate qualified leads, learn about the trends, and stay on top of the industry. Customers look at your company’s affiliations, partnerships, and linkages too. They are keen on brands and advocacies you support so attendance in events is a must. 


Hopefully, these digital marketing strategies can help you in building not only your online presence but also a strong community that supports you and your goals. Remember that traction, presence, and attention cannot be created overnight. You will need to exert a lot of your time, marketing efforts, and patience if you want to achieve a successful marketing strategy for your business.

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