Media Planning Case Study


Our client is a Global Consulting Firm that aims to adapt the human capital along with the new digital era. They seek for a cohesive connected personalized, humanized approach. They help organizations and individuals to transform mindsets, change Leadership behaviors, build their Values and Create a Talent-driven Culture to fit into the New Digital Reality. Their objective was to generate high-quality leads, in addition to the website traffic and making a brand awareness.

Starting point

Our client faced a bad experience with the previous agency, As they did not achieve the desired results. Generating leads is one of the important factors for reaching the targeted audience and clients for any business firm. The main issue is how to generate leads that thrive to your customers and needed clients. The best short-term strategy to generate high-quality leads is online campaigns. Our client had a campaign idea and came to proceed with it, with us reaching his goal.

Media Planning Case Study

The challenge

The pandemic era has led to a shift in values, both individually and Huge Corporates.

Shift in Personal Values

• New values emerge in top priority during the pandemic: making a difference, adaptability, well-being, and caring
• Existing top priority values: continuous learning and family (became even more important now)

New Employee Experience

• Organizational Cultures shifted their focus from finance and effectiveness to focus on people, agility, and communication.
• An increase in values around agility and innovation, employee well-being, and direction and communication
• During COVID-19, results orientation and achievement declined.

Different Priorities between Leaders vs Employees

• Leaders: Greater focus on agility and innovation, while also thinking more in terms of society and sustainability
• Employees: Clear desire for greater direction and communication and continue to focus on working together by building trust and engagement.

The solution

Media Planning

Decision makers on specific business sectors are the main target audience for our client to introduce his specific service, and to reach them we had to:
Focus with our client on: Keywords research, Reach, Retargeting, Time plan, and Budgeting

  • Keyword Research: Searching for the most relevant and has a high non-competitive volume keywords to track down our client’s targeted audience and also for generating high-quality leads. Our client aims for uniqueness and suitable words that work out with his service.
  • Reach: high-quality leads, and also be able to reach the decision-makers of big Business entities.
  • Retargeting: how often their ad is in front of the target audience within a certain time period. Aiming to find a balance between getting maximum ad visibility and becoming too repetitive. Seeing the same message time and time again can help build brand awareness by subconsciously reminding the target audience of their service, but not too much!
  • Time plan: We worked on the campaign for (two months). A pilot campaign was made to check the effectiveness of the campaign and the actual campaign started after it directly. We abided by the time frame agreed upon to achieve our client’s goal.
  • Budgeting: Cost per impression (CPM) and cost per click (CPC), CTR (click-through rate). Paying attention to the budget and the settled amount of cost for each platform to each country as also to know and gather all known about (CPC) and (CPM).

Campaign Ads Design

Advertising is the name of the game in today’s digital world. Our client needed to find Suitable ways to attract and convince their target audience to avail of their services. The team helped in making focused ads to support and help going viral and well-known, with content and visuals. It was taken into account that the designs are suitable for channels such as Google Ads Display and Search, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads.

Landing page development and optimization

The Campaign landing page was planned to be: well-designed and well-organized. It contains the necessary information for the visitor and also is visually appealing with the right colors and good typography. Having to deal with a good (UI) is way important for interacting with a user as to accomplish their goals. The user experience (UX) of the Campaign landing page is everything that makes the visitor satisfied while they’re on the page; information, impressions, and emotions. The page has to be focused and dedicated to our client’s target sectors as they go fill the lead form.

Campaign Setup

To ensure the maximum profit for the client’s campaign while keeping the return on investment (ROI) high, we took care of ads keywords research and selection, best advertising networks. Monitoring and Improving the Cost per impression (CPM) and cost per click (CPC), CTR (click-through rate), and everything else involved to ensure the best ad performance.

We created the Campaign ads over the following channels which are: Google Display, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Search Ads.

Media Planning Case Study

Google Display ADS: Is the first campaign to be launched because it got a high number of impressions and that had a positive impact on other campaigns through service and brand awareness. A pilot campaign duration was: 2 Weeks for testing the ad performance. Then we had to increase the bidding, and also the daily budget to increase the quality of the conversions.

LinkedIn Ad: Started with a Pilot Campaign Duration: 2 Weeks, to see the effectiveness of the campaign, the impressions, the quality of leads, and conversion rates. After that, we started the real campaign on the platform and it is the best channel to reach the target audience “B2B decision makers”. It was for all the countries that were chosen, with differences in budgeting and time plan.

Twitter Ad: It had a 2 weeks pilot campaign for testing the effectiveness of the quality of leads, conversion rate, and impressions. It worked for 10 days with all its power. The main aim of the campaign is to reach the business-targeted sector, generating high-quality leads and increasing the quality conversions.

Google Search Ads: It had a 2 weeks pilot campaign to measure the effectiveness of the ads on the targeted business sectors and reaching the aimed goal of our client, then the real campaign started to each of the agreed countries. The main aim of the campaign ad is to reach the business-targeted sector, generating high-quality leads and increasing the quality conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Setting up tracking tools was our team mission to specifically calculate the actual average rate of conversions that reached our client’s landing page along with the impressions, CPC, that basically helped in optimizing the rate, increase it and that really was for implementing the best web page design and structure to focus on the particularly main CTA, as we definitely had to identify conversion points, also strengthening the CTA practices to basically ensure the best practice for UI and UX, and at the final step we got to create high conversion content to ensure almost the highest conversion rate optimization, which generally is fairly significant.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Using tools like Google Ads Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Twitter Ads Manager, and Google Analytics for ad measurement that enabled us to have full details about our client’s campaign’s status, clicks, conversion rate, CTR (Click-through Rate), Avg. CPC (Cost-Per-Click), and total spend.

We made sure to track the leads number to the traffic number to make sure they are the right ratio amount. Tracked the KPIs to make sure that we are on the right track of achieving the client’s goal.

We also worked on tracking:

  • Traffic metrics include: traffic sources, total site visits, the number of new visitors vs. returning visitors, time on site, mobile traffic, bounce rates, exit rates, and so on.
  • Total conversions, conversion funnel rates, click-through rates, and cost per conversation, are all conversion metrics.
  • Revenue metrics such as cost per acquisition, and ROI.


The results of our client’s campaign were clear after just 2 months, as the landing page had seen significant improvements in all the main metrics used to measure its progress.

Impression tracking is a common metric for measuring the performance of our client’s online campaign, including:

  • Total Number of impressions
  • Clicks
  • Landing page view
  • CTR

It was great to see that the clicks increased by a significant amount. In particular, the number of impressions increased to be (Total Clicks: 42,239 and Total Impressions: 3,551,515), indicating that more customers were finding the page relevant to what they need and clicking through to it.

The average CTR got to be (LinkedIn: 0.35% – Twitter: 0.95% – Google Display Ads: 1.85% – Google Search Ads: 9.03% ) as we calculated it to know how many visitors did visit our client’s landing page directly or even through the ads over the platforms our client had his ads on.

In order to improve our client’s Average CPM got to be ( LinkedIn: €2.26 – Twitter:€1.17 – Google Display Ads: €1.37 – Google Search Ads:€89.15 ) we made sure of the following:
1- Targeting the right audience size.
2- Choosing the best traffic sources.
3- Choosing the right ad format.

Along with the Average CPC that was on a daily cost for each country and to reach the campaign ads goal, and also to keep tracking the budget of the client, we managed to be committed with the whole campaign budget to keep reaching our client’s goal.

According to the number of high-quality leads of our client’s campaigns and that it goes to be the main aim of the campaign, it increased to be (25). It was absolutely imperative that we tracked the whole process, as we calculated and tracked the gauging true performance of our client’s campaign. Number of high quality leads is the success of the campaign and the achievement of the primary goal of our client.

We got to know how many people are responding from the campaign ad to the landing page, to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. One of the most useful and accurate metrics we used is the conversion rate ( LinkedIn Ads 81% – Twitter Ads 58.2% – Google Display Ad 38.71% – Google Search Ad 84.78% ), which we got to compare the number of customer responses to the total number of people who committed to the call of action.

Media Planning Case Study
Google Display Ad
Media Planning Case Study
Google Search Ad

We achieved the goal of our client, as we got a high number of leads as result of the high numbers of the impressions, CTRs, and clicks, so by default it led to an increased number of high-quality leads which made our client satisfied by the goals achievement. We also ensured that the content was of high quality and relevant to what targeted sectors might be looking for. This aided in improving the landing page’s ranking and visibility, making it more visible to users and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

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